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Do you find yourself or your staff spending your valuable time answering similar kinds of service or product related queries from customers over and over again? Or perhaps your business email account is filled with endless service requests from your customers. You are in a position where you are simply overwhelmed by it all and you’re wondering how to deal with all the incoming requests, prioritise them, and also keep your customers happy? If this is you, then you’ll LOVE what I’m going to tell you next!!

Your answer is to implement an outsourced ticket raising facility for your business. There are some excellent ticket raising service providers like 'My Virtual Resource' who can make your life easier by offering a complete end to end service. They’ll give your company a dedicated line that your customers can call in on (and of course answering the phone in your company’s name). Through that line; they’ll take details of your customer’s problems and log the issues and then raise a ticket. Afterwards, they will email the ticket confirmation to the customers and pass on the details to the relevant department of your organisation. EASY PEASY right?? You’ve probably not even thought about it before or maybe you thought this was a service reserved exclusively for larger organisations. The truth is this works well for all sized companies and the service is very affordable. It’s the perfect way to keep your business organised, your customers happy and give you and your staff back your valuable time.

There are other perks of using an outsourced ticket raising facility. It increases the transparency of your business workflow; thereby enhancing the accountability and efficiency of your workforce. With the ticket raising system you can easily find out which areas are getting more service requests so that you can allocate your customer support amenities more efficiently. This way you can quickly detect the most pressing issues faced by your customers, devise an action plan and based on the previous ticket raising data; you can assign your best staff to handle these issues. The ticket raising facility will also help you figure out whether you have any weaknesses in your customer support system. Furthermore, this facility will help you take care of recurring issues more quickly and in a more organised way.

Put simply: An outsourcing ticket raising facility means less hassle, less work, more productivity and happier clients!!

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Written by:

Janine Kirkland

My Virtual Resource

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