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You are a Trade Business owner that runs your own small company.  Of course you can answer your own phone! Can you??? Besides if you can’t they’ll leave a message right?? Wrong!  80% of people won’t leave voicemails. Believe it or not people prefer to speak to someone. Boom!!…That means you’ve just lost potential business and guess what they've already dialled the next number.


 Three things can come to your mind as a Trade Business Owner:

  1. “It’s just a small business! I can take care of it all.”
  2. “I can’t afford to employ someone to answer my phone”.
  3. “My expertise is all I need to run my business.”

But these are all your MISCONCEPTIONS!! Telephone Answering companies like 'My Virtual Resource' bring a telephone answering service within your reach and makes it ‘Super Affordable’. By paying only £35 a month you can have your own Virtual receptionist that gives you the continuity of having your phone answered all the time and with the professionalism your small company needs.  This small outlay amount can be recouped in your first client and ultimately this £35 investment can bring in businesses that will be worth a hundred times more.

Suppose you answer all the calls yourself; but let’s face it – you work manual jobs and if you are in the middle of cleaning a window, on a building site, plumbing in someone’s toilet or re-wiring electrics; then it’s near impossible for you to answer your phone. And don’t rely too much on your voicemail either because it’s a fact that 80% of people won’t leave a message on your voicemail. Now do you see how much business you are losing by simply not answering your phone?

It’s true that it is your expertise which is important for your business. But your phone is the first point of contact between you and your customers and as you know a ‘First impression lasts forever!’ So when you answer a potential customer’s call while you’re in the middle of a job; then there’s a high chance being half way up a ladder you won’t be sounding too professional. So much for a first impression! Right? That’s why you need an expert answering service; who will answer all the important calls, take detailed notes and forward them to you or have your telephone PA call you and ask if you can take the call. The PA’s are trained to a high standard providing excellent customer service to your callers and providing an excellent first impression that will help you gain new businesses.

A quote from a local trade magazine states ‘when small business owners try to do it all by themselves and juggle between tasks; they actually stall the growth of their businesses’.

By outsourcing; you’ll have more time to focus on doing your job perfectly; resulting in earning more revenue.

The question you really need to ask yourself is; if you are serious about your business. New business and its image. Can you afford:

A: Not to answer your phone  

B: Not to have the right person answering your phone in the correct manor? 


'My Virtual Resource' offers a Flexible service. No binding contracts. You can stop using the service whenever you want.

Try us out for 14 days for free and see how many Sales you’ve been missing! 

For further information on this service, contact:

Call: 0208 234 6104

Written by:

Janine Kirkland

My Virtual Resource

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