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Providing good customer service is absolutely essential to small businesses. A small business may not have as many resources as bigger ones but it can certainly get an edge over the competition by providing Brilliant customer service.

According to a report from Oracle, 70% of shoppers have stopped buying goods or services from a company after experiencing poor customer service. If your competitor offers terrible customer service whilst you offer superior service. You’ll be the one to win your customer’s pounds.

But what makes Brilliant customer service?  Survey results revealed that consumers simply want to be able to contact someone quickly and receive a polite response.

Research states the following key factors contribute to providing good customer service:


  • A visible contact number on a website
  • Answering the phone
  • Secondary method of contact; email or Live chat services
  • Listening to the customer’s concerns


Technology now provides us with a number of different methods of getting and staying in touch. However, survey results revealed the MOST preferred consumer method of getting in contact is still simply the oldest form of picking up a telephone and being able to talk to someone. Consumers highlighted the importance of having a secondary contact method such as Email or Live chat but still don’t see these as a replacement or alternative for a telephone conversation. One of the frustrations picked up was that all too often the telephone number on a website appears hidden from the customer, making it extremely difficult to find. In some cases, there is no contact number at all on a website. Consumers say this isn’t very reassuring for someone looking to invest in a product or service.  Another annoyance for potential customers was reaching an answer machines and a huge 81% admitted to simply hanging up without leaving a message. Reasons for this range from; people don’t listen to answer phones and therefore don’t receive a call back and others simply don’t want to leave a message as they are calling to speak to a person not an answer machine. Some of those then stated they would go on to call other competitor companies.

As a small business owner you are now thinking… in reality it’s not possible to always answer the phone and carry out your normal day job. It absolutely is and that’s where 'My Virtual Resource' can help your small business achieve brilliant customer service.

A team of professional telephone answering PA’s will answer your calls on your number when you can’t and in a friendly and professional manner. Write precise notes and forward them to you. You even get given a free virtual landline number that you can display clearly on your website.  Your customers will receive a great first impression and brilliant customer service and you of course will receive more business. Doesn’t that sound good.

Cost Effective

You don’t need a big budget to afford a professional telephone answering service. Luckily at 'My Virtual Resource', we offer plans starting from £35 a month which is a lot more cost effective than hiring someone. Short flexible monthly contracts allow you to tailor the service to your needs when you need it.

Other services

Not just telephone answering. 'My Virtual Resource' offer tailored Outsourced 'commuication solutions'. We work with you to put in place a work flow process to make your company run smoother. Providing multi channel customer communication. We can deal with your Telephones, Email, Social media, Manage your Live chat and access your website. Our powerful team of office based PA's means we can run your front, back and middle office for you. You can even outsource your entire customer service function to us. This is becoming popular particularly with companies who sell products online. Often they may have a big presence but become overwhelmed with one or 2 people running it. Other services include:

Live chat

Landline Telephone numbers

Diary management.

Clinic Management

Contact 'My Virtual Resource' today so we can help your business provide your customers with the best possible service and beat your competition.  or call  020 8234 6104

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Written By
Janine Kirkland
My Virtual Resource

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