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As a busy estate agent, there are many tasks you have to do. From answering phone calls and booking appointments, the tasks seem to never end! Unfortunately, these tasks take time away from actually meeting clients and selling homes.

Every minute you spend answering phone calls is a minute you aren’t selling homes. Nevertheless, answering phone calls are important for your business. An unanswered phone call can mean loss business to you as they go to another competitor.

Use 'My Virtual Resource' as an overflow service. If you are unable to answer a phone call, our representatives are standing by to assist your clients.

Here are some benefits of using our telephone answering service:

  • You have complete control over how your calls are answered by our professionals.
  • Important calls can be transferred to you if required
  • Can divert calls to any UK landline or mobile
  • Detailed notes forwarded to text or email

As a bonus to save you even more time, allow us access to your online diary and we can book viewings and appointments for you. You can spend even less time in the office and more time selling homes.

Our team is professional and highly skilled so you always receive excellent service. Additionally, our short contracts allow you to save money and have total flexibility.

Contact us today so you can spend less time on boring calls and more time selling homes!

Sign up for a Free 2 week Trial and see how much business you are missing.      

Contact us on 020 8234 6104

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