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Whether you’re a freelancer, a contractor or a business owner, you understand the life of an entrepreneur. Gruelling hours spent finding customers or helping them get what they want has helped you create a career for yourself from the bottom up.

Being your own boss comes with tremendous independence, but it comes at a cost. Specifically, the cost of time. If you’re good at what you do, there’s a good chance you have absolutely no time to spare. You barely even notice the hours fly by as you focus on delivering the quality your customers have come to expect.

But maybe being so busy is taking time away from actually growing your business. Perhaps you spend too much time on minor administration work, while the hours would be better spent looking for new clients, marketing or growing the business.

If you find that the business you run has grown larger than you can handle all by yourself, it may be time to master the fine art of delegation.

A company is, at its heart, a collection of people who work together. If your operation ceases to be a one-man-show, it’s a sign of healthy growth. Hiring experts to take care of all the busywork can allow you more time to work ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ it.

And the best way to start is by outsourcing your calls to a call answering company. Making a great first impression is vital, and you don’t want to miss calls from potential customers while you are busy serving current ones.

Here are a few more reasons for you to consider hiring a telephone answering company:

  • It costs less: outsourcing you calls means you save costs on having to put out a job post, employing someone full-time, paying taxes and training. Most firms charge you a flat fee for their excellent services.
  • It improves quality: Potential customers are very likely to make up their minds about hiring your services based on their experience with the first point of contact with you. Call handlers at these firms are trained to answer questions and make a great first impression on anyone who calls to enquire.
  • Retains business: If your services are in demand, call volumes are likely to grow and missing a call is never an option. Outsourcing to a company means you dramatically cut the chances of losing business.
  • It’s easy: In most cases, it’s only a phone call away.
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Janine Kirkland
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