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FAQS - Telephone Reception - Free Trial

How easy is it to set up and what is the process?

It is very straight forward to set up but to make sure we do it properly we follow a process. First, we carry out a brief with you about your business. We offer a high touch customer service and will represent your business therefore, it’s important we get all the correct information. We can then build relationships and trust with your clients when we answer your calls.

In the brief, we will establish the types of lines and systems that you have in place and how you wish your calls to be handled. For example, would you like calls transferred, messages taken? Is there something specific you would like us to say? Specific information you would like us to obtain from the caller etc.

How do the phones go through to your PA’s?

We will provide you with your own virtual divert number. This number is assigned only to you. Once set up on our system, the call diversion is then set up on your telephone line. We will provide you with easy to follow instructions to do this. We will of course give you full assistance with this process. The service is flexible and can be set up so our PA’s answer all your calls straight away or we can answer your calls after a number of rings. You will be in control of this at all times.

Can we advertise the Virtual number?

Should you continue with the service after the two-week trial period then we will provide your business with a free virtual landline number of your choice that you can choose to advertise.

Does it work with Voip?

Yes, this can also be set up on VOIP

Can I use the free trial whilst I am away on holiday?

The free trial must be completed prior to taking any holiday or business trips overseas so that you can experience the service first hand and iron out any possible issues that may occur during your absence. You can then leave and be confident with the way we are handling business during the time you are away.

How long does the trial last?

We provide a two-week trial. This is the right length of time we need to obtain the data insights to find out how much difference a phone answering service can make to your business.

What happens after the trial?

We will carry out an account review with you and provide you with an analysis of the calls we have taken. You will be amazed just how cost effective using a phone answering service really is. You can then make a decision for yourself if you wish to continue.

How long do we sign up for and is there a minimum term?

If you decide to continue with the service there is no minimum term, although we suggest 3 months to start. There is then a calendar months’ notice each way to terminate the service.

Is there a contract we have to sign?

We want our customers to be with us because we provide a good service for their business not because they are tied into a contract they don’t want to be in. So, no contract just our terms and conditions.